Appraisers and Loss Adjusters in Art, Jewellery, Diamonds (rough and polished) and precious colored stones.

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Loss adjustment

In the event of a loss adjustment, our experts will estimate objectively the extent of the damage or loss, taking into consideration the contractual conditions. We handle the complete damage, both damage to the construction, general contents as well as the valuables, jewellery, collectors items, art etc...



All kinds of valuable objects.

  • Jewellery, old and contemporary.
  • Gemstones, diamonds and colored gemstones.
  • Watches.
  • Furniture, antiques and contemporary.
  • Art, painting, sculpture, old and contemporary.
  • Silverwork.
  • Porcelain and terracotta.
  • Glas artt and crystal.
  • Ivory.

Diamonds and Gemstones

Rough and polished diamonds, rough and colored gemstones.

Valuation of assets

In the context of a contribution in kind to companies, in the event of liquidation and/or bankruptcy.

Risk Assessment

When sawing, bruting and polishing a diamond, it requires a lot of technical skill, knowledge and experience. We are the fourth generation active in this matter, and we deliver a very complete and comprehensive report in this regard, taking into account the risks inherent in the gem, the techniques used, the experience and skill of the sawyer or polisher etc. In the event of any damage, we shall endeavor to reduce the damage to the minimum in the most professional manner for our client.




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